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Mi & Ju - Relationship App

Mi & Ju is a modern digital relationship journal for couples. It helps couples to capture milestones of their unique love story.

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Key features

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Special moments

All relationships are built on countless yet precious moments. Mi & Ju shows you at a glance your relationship milestones so you always know how long you relationship already lasts.


Multiple relationships

You want to track multiple relationships? No problem. Just add a new relationship, either with your partner or with your friends. That way you will never forget your most beautiful moments.


Customised widgets

Mi & Ju offers aesthetic widgets for your home screen. You can use your own image to customize your relationship widget the way you like it.


Anniversary reminders

Have you ever forgotten about your anniversary? Our push notification service is here to help you stay on top of these important dates, and continue to ensure they remain special.

App Screenshots
Power of good design

Do you still remember? A picture says more than a thousand words and recalls a special moment. Check out the real screenshots of the Mi & Ju app so you know what you get after the download. The app is focused on a user friendly design to help you create your unique love story.

Honest reviews


Falling in love is so exciting. I've been looking for a possibility to capture this excitment and save all the milestones with my partner. It's amazing that Mi & Ju exists and supports our journey.


As a polyamorous person I am really lucky that I found this app. I love the option of having multiple relationships. I wish I knew it earlier...


I really don't like cliche apps. Mi & Ju convinced me though. The possibility to choose a minimalstic layout and to upload my own picture is really unique compare to other free apps.

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Mi & Ju - Relationship App

An app for couples to capture their love story with unique moments and relationship milestones.

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